Privacy Policy
Latest update: Aug 16, 2023
First: Introduction
anb capital, wholly owned subsidiary of anb, is a Saudi capital market institution regulated by the Capital Market Authority (“CMA”). anb capital has been providing investment management, investment advisory, brokerage, and related products and services to its clients since 2008 under CMA license no. 37-07072 dated 19/06/1428 H corresponding to 05/07/2007. 
what is PDPL and how anb capital is implementing it?
The Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL), as amended, is the first of its kind to be passed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). PDPL was issued by the Royal Decree on September 17, 2021. It regulates on how businesses collect, process, and store personal data about individuals residing in KSA.
anb processes personal data as per the principles stated in PDPL. This includes ensuring that there is a legal basis for processing personal data, as well as ensuring that personal data is processed fairly, lawfully, transparently, and securely. In addition, safeguards are put in place to protect personal data from loss, damage, or destruction.
The use of this website and the anb capital's various channels is considered an approval from you to the privacy notice and any amendments to it.

Second: Personal Data That We Collect and the Purpose of Collecting  
Type Details
Personal data Name, previous names, nationality, photograph, gender, date, and place of birth.
Contact information Email address, residential address (national address) or business address and contact telephone number.
Identity information  National ID, Iqama Number, Passport number and any other identity related information. 
Financial information Bank account number, investment account number and statement, portfolio number, financial history, credit score, and practical experiences in the financial sector.
Economic, financial and residency information Income and other revenues, the value of your assets and your country of residence. Your financial transactions and your business activity inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Investment information  Investment knowledge, experience, risk appetite, and investment assets and products.   
Education and Employm5ent related data level of education, employment, employer’s name and remuneration.
Transactions Details about transactions to and from your accounts
Correspondence  Information you give to us by filling in any of our forms or by communicating with us, whether face-to-face, by phone, email, online or otherwise.
Marketing Details of any marketing preferences we receive from you.
Video protection (including CCTV) Surveillance of our premises and investment centers for security reasons.
Telephone Recording. Telephone conversation when you connect with our call center.  We may also collect any phone number you use to call our customer service team (including call metadata such as the date, time and length of a call) or the social media channel you use to connect with our customer service team. We may record calls for training and performance purposes to establish clear records and for legal reasons.
Any other information for the purpose of serving the customer or complying with regulatory requirements

Purpose of collecting personal data is to complete the following operations:
  • you open an investment account or perform transactions such as buying or selling from your investment account.
  • you apply for credit facilities for the purpose of buying and selling shares
  • you seek advice about your investments
  • you apply to invest in mutual funds.
  • your request for private portfolio management services.
  • you request information from our customer services, make complaints or lodge any disputes.
  • we request information about your credit history from credit information agencies and companies.
  • you provide account information such as your personal details e.g. name, gender, date and place of birth, contact information such as address, email address, mobile numbers, your employment information, etc.
  • you provide information concerning your identity e.g. photo ID, passport information, National ID or iqama card.
  • you use your login credentials for online banking and mobile banking apps and we collect information about your computer (or mobile device), including collecting your IP address, operating system and browser type. We use this information for system administration or for our own commercial purposes.
  • we conduct necessary investigations i.e., due diligence checks, AML/CFT checks and obtain information that we need to support our regulatory obligations, e.g. information about transaction details, and/or detection of any suspicious and unusual activities.
  • your use our investment services through the anb Mobile application. In accordance with this service, some data that you provided to anb Bank (“anb”) will be obtained to the extent that allows us to provide the service, according to an agreement concluded between anb capital and anb.

Third: How Do We Collect Information?
The data that the owner of the personal data provides to the company is collected through anb capital’s electronic channels or directly through the branch, and personal data is collected from other external parties, which are the Arab National Bank (anb), Nafath, and credit information agencies and companies.

Fourth: Use of Personal Data 
We use the information we collect to provide our customers with our products and services, to manage our business and to offer an enriched and enhanced customer experience.
We make appropriate use of your data to manage transactions, respond to your requests, and to provide you with more relevant products and services.
We use your information to deliver our products and services, carry out your instructions and provide online products and services such as share trading services, phone-based services and other products and services offered over the network.
We use this information to detect and prevent financial crimes including fraud, financing for terrorism, and money laundering. This is to ensure security and business continuity.
We use your information to meet our compliance obligations, to comply with laws and regulations, and we share such information with regulators when necessary.
Where we have your consent, we may use the personal data that we have about you such as your email address, mobile number, mailing address, etc. to deliver advertising to you directly or on our websites, and provide updates on special deals and offers that might interest you.
We may send you general announcements or important news about your account.
We may need to record conversations you have with us including phone calls, face-to-face meetings, letters, emails and any other kinds of communications. These recordings may be used to check your instructions to us and improve on our product and service delivery.
We may collect information about your computer (or mobile device), including where available your IP address, operating system and browser type, for system administration or for our own commercial purposes. This is statistical data about our users' browsing actions and patterns, and does not identify any individual.

Fifth: Storage and Destruction of Personal Data 
The Company will retain your personal data only for the period approved by the regulatory and oversight authorities for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Notice. We will retain and use your data to the extent necessary to comply with our statutory obligations (for example, when we are required to retain your data to comply with applicable laws and regulations), settle disputes, enforce our legal agreements and policies that are subject to investment accounts instructions, and other applicable rules, regulations and regulations in the Kingdom, and you have the right to withdraw your consent We will process your personal data - at any time - unless there are legitimate purposes that require the opposite, and you can request the destruction of what is no longer needed after the end of the regular storage periods in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, dispute settlement and enforcement of our legal agreements and policies.

Sixth: Legal Basis for Collecting and Processing Personal Data
Personal data is collected based on the consent of the owner of the personal data subject, and he/she can revoke his/her consent to collect and process his/her personal data at any time unless there is another legal basis, and to do so, he/she can contact customer service at anb capital,
toll free number: 800 124 0055

Seventh: Rights of the Personal Data Subject 
The right to know: the owner of the personal data subject has the right to know the ways we collect his/her data, the legal basis for collecting and processing it, how to treat it, save it, and destroy it, and with whom it will be shared. You can view all the details through the privacy notice - this notice - or you can contact us via the data shown in Clause 6 and 8
Right to access personal data: the personal data subject has the right to request a copy of his/her personal data, via the e-mail indicated in Clause 6 and 8, and it will be provided to them - free of charge - by e-mail.
Right to rectify personal data: the personal data subject has the right to request the correction of his/her personal data that he/she deems inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete, via the e-mail indicated in Clause 6 and 8, and it will be reviewed and updated, and the data subject will be notified by e-mail.
Right to destroy personal data: the personal data subject has the right to request the destruction of his/her personal data in certain circumstances, unless there is a legal text specifying a specific period of retention or contractual requirements.
Right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data: the personal data subject can withdraw his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal data -at any time- unless there are legitimate purposes that require the contrary.  

Eighth: Exercising the Rights of the Personal Data Subject:
The personal data subject has the right to request access/ correction/destruction of his/her data by communicating via the following mail: customer service anb capital  
Toll free number: 800 124 0055

Ninth: Sharing/Exchanging Personal Data 
There is sharing or exchange of personal data that was collected in efforts to provide you with sound products and services may need to outsource its product delivery. This will be done in line with relevant regulations and laws. We may share your information in order to provide you with products or services that you have requested.
We may also share your information where we have a public or legal duty to do so, when we need it to conclude regulatory reporting and when we have requested and received your permission to share it.

Tenth: Updating Personal Data
Our clients can update their data with us through electronic channels, anb Mobile application, or by filling out the relevant forms by visiting one of our investment centers. You can also contact our customer services at the number 800-124-0055 to inquire about the data provided and the status of your account. In case your account is active, you can submit a request through our customer services representative to modify some of your personal data. You can also request to obtain a copy of your personal data.

Eleventh: Cookies
A cookie is a small file that is placed on your computer’s hard drive. Its functions include storing your login and session statuses, recording your user preferences and analyzing web traffic.
Apart from the data that you elect to disclose and share with us, we cannot access your computer or any other information about you with cookies.
Although most browsers automatically accept cookies, you can amend your browser settings to disable cookies. This may, however, prevent you from fully experiencing the website as it was intended.

Twelfth: Applicability
This Notice is applicable to personal data collected by anb capital directly from its customers or through anb’s online portals, mobile apps and electronic communications, and also any information collected by anb capital's server from our customers’ browser(s).

Thirteenth: Security Practices & Procedures
The security of personal data is a priority and is protected by maintaining physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that meet applicable laws. anb capital shall take reasonable steps and measures to protect the security of our customers’ personal data from misuse and loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. anb capital maintains its security systems to ensure that the personal data of its customers is appropriately protected and follows standard encryption norms for the transmission of information. anb capital ensures that its employees respect the confidentiality of any personal data held by anb capital.

Fourteenth: Privacy Notice Updates  
The privacy notice was updated on 21 Muharram 1445 AH, Corresponding to August 8, 2023
The anb capital reserves the right to add or change any of the provisions of the Privacy Notice, and the anb capital will notify the data subject of that, and the anb capital has the right to terminate the account of the data subject if the data subject does not accept any change in the Privacy Notice.
The Arabic language is the approved and official language in the application of the terms and conditions, and in the event of a dispute arising in the interpretation of any text mentioned in any other language, the text written in the Arabic language shall prevail.

Fifteenth: Personal Data Privacy Inquiries
Please contact the email below if you have any requests, complaints or general inquiries regarding the privacy of your data and your rights: