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GCC & Egypt Markets:
  • Qatar Stock Exchange (T+3)
  • Dubai Financial Market & Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (T+2)
  • Muscat Securities Market (T+2)
  • Bahrain Bourse (T+2)
  • Egyptian Exchange (T+2)
United States of America Market:
  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) (T+2)
  • NASDAQ Stock Market (NSDQ) (T+2)
  • NSDQ OTC (T+2)
  • NYSE MKT (T+2)
  • Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) (T+1)
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Real-time Price Feed Fees
Exchange/Source Fee (in USD)
EGID (Level 1) 11
EGID (Level 2) 16.5
Exchange/Source Fee (in USD)
Nasdaq Dubai (Level 1) 1.1
Nasdaq Dubai (Level 2) 1.1
Bahrain Bourse 5.5
ADX (Level 1) 5.78
ADX (Level 2) 8.09
DGCX (Level 1) 28.88
DGCX (Level 2) 57.75
Exchange/Source Fee (in USD)
NASDAQ (Level 1) 1.1
Dow Jones Index (DJI) - Real Time 1.1
Dow Jones Index (DJI) - Delayed 0.55
Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some top questions from investors.

anb capital -  Global Trading is an international trading platform that allows anb capital's  customers to trade in international markets including GCC stock exchanges, the Egyptian Exchange and on US markets.  We continue to add more markets to enhance our clients' access to global investment opportunities.  Our customers can place buy & sell orders in these markets in an easy and interactive way.  They can also view real-time market data and customize their own watchlists to subscribed markets through the platform.

Accessing international markets available on the platform from only one screen.
A comprehensive overview of your portfolios with gain/loss evaluation reports.
Easy display & print your accounts statements.
Prepare orders in advance using order baskets.
Display technical indicators & Analysis Tools.
Multiple markets news and announcements of listed companies in the subscribed markets.
Create your own watchlists.
Market depth overview.

Place buy & sell orders
Edit orders prior to execution
Holdings summary
Create watchlists
Companies' news
Real-time package upgrade
Order search
Funds transfer notifications
View stocks details
View market depth
Screens customization
View, modify & cancel orders
Download account statements
Market indices & information
Technical analysis tools
Language change

When you login to the service, your password is automatically encrypted.  Standard industry protocols are used to protect your information.

First, you need to visit anb capital ’s website (, under GCC and International Market section.  Then you press the button “Service Registration”, or through the following links: (Arabic), or (English)
where you need to fill the required fields and press “Next”.
Once you complete this process, you will receive an email & SMS notification confirming your registration.
Once your international portfolio is created, you will get an online service activation notification, which allows you to access the service using a “Username” and “Password”.

The service is available to all anb capital customers who have a local investment portfolio in addition to an active current bank account with anb linked to their local/international investment accounts.

For assistance or inquiries, please email us at
For further information, please call Customer Service on +966 9200 11878.  Please note that the official working hours of our Customer Service division are from 9 AM to 4 PM.
To trade; please call the Central Trading Unit on +966 11 406 2506.

Trading hours vary from market to market.  We suggest that you check each market's trading hours prior to trading.  Each market is also closed on public holidays in the country where it operates.  Please take this into consideration when making your trading decisions.

There is no fee for opening an international account with us. 
anb capital will charge standard trading commissions on all your trades.
anb capital - Global Trading online service (real-time prices) is also available for a monthly fee (reapplied at the beginning of each Gregorian month) for each market.  When you activate this service, the required fee will be deducted from your investment account.

You may upgrade by clicking through “Exchange Subscriptions”, where you can select the desired markets, and package level:

  • Level 1: means stock market price updated instantly
  • Level 2: also includes market depth details​​​​

Please select your package and click the “Subscribe” button.  Then you must contact us so that we may activate your subscription.  Subscription will become effective once the required fee has been deducted from your investment account.

Global Trading Network (GTN) provides market Information.  The "Powered by Global Trading Network (GTN)" sign indicates that Global Trading Network (GTN) is the technology provider of the products used by anb capital and is the provider of market information and prices disseminated.

There is no minimum amount required to open an investment account and trade in international securities.

The message means that you have exceeded the maximum number of login attempts, and therefore, the username is locked for security reasons in order to protect your account.  You need to contact our Customer Service on +966 9200 11878.  Please note that the official working hours of the Customer Service division are from 9 AM to 4 PM on working days in Saudi Arabia.
To trade; please call the Central Trading Unit on +966 11 406 2506.

You can use any of the available channels at anb within the permitted online transfer limit, and if you want to transfer more, it can be done at an anb branch.  For more information, you can contact our Customer Service division at +966 9200 11878.

You may login into your account and change your password through "Settings."

Alternatively, t​​​he steps to reset anb capital Global Trading password are: 

  1. Press forgot password.
  2. Enter user name and email address. 
  3. Enter the PIN number (received via email).
  4. You will receive another email with a temporary password.
  5. Enter the username and the temporary password.
  6. Enter the temporary password, a new email and confirm the new email. 
  7. Now, login using your username and the new password.

From the online service, you can submit a fund transfer notification after selecting the respective account & the desired amount for transfer, and then you contact us in order to confirm your submission.  Once the process is completed you will receive an SMS confirming funds deposit into your current account.  You can also effect a transfer by contacting us at +966 11 406 2506 during working hours.

To access anb capital - Global Trading from your personal computer or laptop, please upgrade to the latest version of Google Chrome.
To open the reports generated, please install Adobe Acrobat Reader.
anb capital Global Trading is accessible anywhere where internet access is available, making it easier for you to conduct your business anywhere, anytime.  Please exercise extreme caution when using public computers or networks (e.g. at offices, cybercafés, airport lounges etc.).

Still have questions?